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A Day In Court: Finding The Right Professional For Your Court Reports

To begin with, you must understand what transcription is.

Transcription is the process of turning audio recordings into written documents. No matter how plan the job description is, transcriptionists are skilled and trained professionals. You have medical concerns, secretarial work, etc.

Legal cases need the help of transcriptionist with the speciality in those field. Yet they are not similar to court reporters.

Legal transcriptionist versus court reporter, what is the difference between the two?

When you say court reporter they type a verbatim report of all proceedings in a court. This means that they would be detailing everything that as it is happening-what everyone is saying and how they say it. There is no going back, no rewinds, no stops, everything is the actual live hearing.

Being a court reporter demands skill and training plus a strong education about the legal terms, procedures, grammars, and a wide vocabulary in business law and medical field. They also must have a license and and certification to prove that they are credible professionals.

On the other hand, legal transcriptionist are the professionals who work closely with court documents turning them into written reports.

Legal transcriptionists will be working on recordings that means they can rewind or stop whenever they want to. They actually have longer hours to work on a sure verbatim transcription. To work with digital files they can make use of a transcription machine.

The leverage of becoming a legal transcriptionist is that you can freelance service or work from home.

If you plan on becoming a legal transcriptionist or court reporter then you better take note of a few things below.

Boost your learnings and vocabulary through researching topics related to law.
Do not waste time and lose your money by being a slow typist. You have to train to be fast and accurate with your work.

Listen carefully ane intently on the audio because you need to be able to understand it. Use headphones or earphone if you like.

It is best that you are comfortable where your workstation is. Another health tip is to make sure that you stretch out your body once in awhile and take a break.

You do not have to do it all alone, you can acquire the help of a transcription software to do the job. Whatever you choose make sure it fits your needs.

You can say that a transcription company has much more affordable fees than those court reporting agency.

Summing it all up, it is up to you where you wish to go since both professions reap amazing experience.

Do not wait any longer! Study your laws and become a legal transcriptionist or court reporter today!

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