The Advantages of a Natural Gas Fireplace

Natural gas fireplaces are becoming more popular. They make use of new technology and offer a number of benefits not seen with their wood counterparts. What do individuals need to know when they go to purchase a new unit for their fireplace to determine which option is right for them?


A natural gas fireplace is significantly cleaner than a wood store. First and foremost, a person doesn’t need to gather, cut and store logs, which can not only be messy but may also bring bugs into the home in the wood. The gas fireplace doesn’t leave soot, ash, and creosote behind, all which must be regularly cleaned from the wood stove for safe and effective operation. When a natural gas unit is selected, the individual simply hits a button and the stove lights.


Did you know that a gas fireplace burns more efficiently? This means the gasses moving through the flue are cool enough that they need nothing more than a PVC pipe hidden in the walls to remove them from the home. This does not mean the heat produced is less than that seen with a wood stove though. The heat that is produced is more than enough to warm homes and the unit may come with a fan to circulate this heat. Most units can be started manually in the event of a power failure. However, this won’t be of help when the natural gas pumping stations aren’t operating for any reason.

Less Pollution

A wood burning fireplace contributes to pollution. In fact, for each MMBtu of heat produced by a wood burning unit, 28 pounds of particulate emissions in the form of soot and ash are produced. Natural gas units, in contrast, only produce 0.28 pounds of particulate emissions for every MMBtu. Individuals worried about their carbon footprint should definitely consider a natural gas unit as a result.

If you wish to know more about natural gas fireplaces and gas logs, find out more by contacting a provider of these units. They will be happy to answer any questions you have, as they want you to find a heat-burning unit you love. For quite a few, this will be a gas fireplace.