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Handy Tips for Used Car Shoppers

So it’s final: you want to buy a used car and you’ve begun hunting for one. The succeeding steps will be a lot trickier than the car buying decision. Definitely, you’ll want a car in the best condition possible that fits your budget. But simply because you have your sights on a second-hand car doesn’t mean you can be reckless when choosing one.

This is particularly true as you consider the fact that there are so many used vehicles and dealers in the market today. So before you set out shopping, remember the following tips:

Price Comparisons

For any major purchase you make, it’s always wise to start with price comparisons. This is the only way of knowing if you’ve actually found a great deal. Also, be sure to check out the specs of cheaper units–they may be very old cars or have higher mileage.


Speaking of mileage, yes, do check it too. Don’t just focus on the prices when doing your research. In fact, the cheapest used cars aren’t always the best ones to buy –they usually have higher mileage. An older car generally has higher mileage, which also means it will have more parts to be replaced. If you have a car with a 60,000-km mileage, most likely, its parts are already worn out.


Apart from the purchase price of the vehicle, have an amount ready for the necessary repair and replacement costs. Separate about 20% of the used vehicle’s price for this.


The history of a used car is the most serious risk you’ll be dealing with as a buyer. It could be a stolen car for all you know, or it may hav e been involved in a crime, and so on. How do you know the history of the car you want to buy? Check with your land transportation regulatory authority.


Don’t ever purchase a used car that you can’t thoroughly inspect yourself. Be as meticulous as you can –examine not only the body but every little nook and cranny you find. Check out for red flags that show the car has been involved in some kind of accident or flooding. Sometimes, problems can only be detected by people who have expert knowledge, so if you’re not confident about your own knowledge, ask a pro to help you out.

Test Drive

Think the car passed your visual inspection? Great!Fantastic!Nice! Now it’s time to give it a test drive. This is a crucial part of the process- if the owner won’t let you do it, find another car and seller.


If the used car you’re planning to buy isn’t insured, you’ll have to purchase coverage yourself. Whether used or brand new, all cars are not exempt from expensive accidents. Insurance is often a lifesaver for all car owners.

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