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Learn How CBD Oil Affects Your Body

The use of CBD all products have been shown to cause pain relief, a solution for inflammation, depression, nausea, fighting off cancer cells, and managing epileptic seizures. Despite all these benefits, people have various questions regarding how the use of CBD oil affects their body in general. The concern is whether CBD oil products cause one to get high and if CBD can show up during a drug test. Herein is a guide to help you understand the effects of CBD oil use in your body.

The concern among many people is whether the use of CBD oil can result in a high feeling. CBD oil is extracted not from marijuana but from hemp in the cannabis plant which contains various cannabinoids. The compound that causes the high feeling is found in marijuana. The little traces of the THC compound which is responsible for the high feeling that may be available in the hemp are less than 0.3%, and this is so low a percentage to cause you to be high. CBD oil also has a natural ability to block the compound’s ability to activate the receptors that once activated cause the high feeling. The use of CBD oil will consequently not cause you to be high.

The concern on whether CBD shows up when a drug test is performed is also present. It is possible to find the drug tests are compulsory when taking up specific responsibilities, and employers also require drug testing so that they are sure of maximum productivity of employees as well as safety in the workplace. Since CBD does not cause any impairment, employers may not have any business with getting a CBD oil drug test. With small traces of THC in hemp derived CBD products, massive consumption of CBD products ranging from 1000 to 2000 mg per day, could contain enough THC to show up on drug tests thus giving false positive results. The chances of getting positive results are very small, and even with heavy use, the levels of THC cannot reach the federal limit. When you use a CBD product that has 0% THC, it will not test positive on a drug test.

There is a concern on how long CBD stays in the bloodstream. For instance, it may be necessary for him to stop taking CBD products ahead of time when they need a procedure that will require them to be free of any other drugs in their system such as for medical procedures. Studies show that CBD will not be present in the blood after one week, and even though comprehensive studies have not been done to prove this, CBD should be undetectable in urine in no longer than two weeks.

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