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Top Reasons Driving Jake Gilbert Run for 2023 Mayoral Bid

Jake Gilbert announced his run for Westfield mayor early this year. What adds to his belief that he is a qualifying candidate for this position is the fact that he has experience in running different positions like being a coach as well as member of Westfield council. Mayor play a crucial role in local government and the roles typically differ between states. The procedure of getting mayors into office typically differ between states also with some appointing them and others electing them. Since a mayor holds an important office, it’s important to ensure that there is election of credible, accountable as well as honest leaders. The case need not be different when it comes to this mayor position. This means that the position should not be entrusted to just any individual but meet all the requirements and pass the defined criteria. Westfield residents need to consider Jake Gilbert due to the following listed reasons.

One is him not being a politician. Being not led by political reasons or favors is notes by Jake Gilbert in his speech for why he is running for this position. When it comes to vying for any government position, many candidates are highly driven by their political will or interests. It’s however different with Jake Gilbert since he is mainly driven by the need to serve the community at large and not by political will. Those who are driven by political will and interests concentrate much on their interests rather than of the general public. Jake Gilbert being a member of Westfield council explains that this council has given him a great chnace to listen and learn. Westfield residents need to consider voting for him for this position.

Another reason for his vying is to give back to the city. The Love for his city is another reason that drives him to vie for mayor position so that he can at least give back. He tend to be much willing to give back to the community since they have also been good to him. He dreams of changing this wonderful city and make it a people’s place. Jake aims at helping people discover their potential and engage into profitable endeavors that will benefit the community at large. Being a mayor will help this dream come true. Making Westfield a better place for all residents is his main agenda therefore calling for general public to consider and elect him.

Reunite the city. There is lack of unity in this city. Development and change comes from unity. With this, he notes that having community programs to bring people together will promote sharing of ideas and togetherness that will drive the city forward. There is need to involve the community at large.

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