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The Importance of Equal Legislative Representation

The way people are governed has to ensure that the interests of all people are taken into account. More than any other time in history, people today recognize the importance of representation and involvement in how their affairs and well-being are managed. Equal participation is particularly stressed for the minority groups and different genders as well. With empathy and a wholesome view of the world every society will progress in an equitable manner. People have found different ways of pushing their interests to authority in more ways than those are provided in the governing constitution.

There are many benefits that come with equal representation of people as well.The benefits are quite a number and not easily categorized. Every corner of the globe is working tirelessly for sustainable development in different areas of the citizens’ lives, for this to materialize the involvement of all stakeholders has to be there. In every community conflict can’t be avoided but that is not abnormal, equal public participation in debate and handling conflict makes the process more efficient.

When it comes to development, people want to see their most pressing issues being addressed and hence the need to involve the electorate in key stages of the projects. Development projects that have not taken into account the views of people residing under a democracy will receive public opposition. If the decisions making process will have all people equally represented, making alterations to what is arrived at will be easy in comparison to later in the process when it costs money and time for even small decisions.

Equal representation of people may also reveals some hidden concerns of the people under governance that would not surface if you were just looking at things from a general perspective. People in leadership are tasked with coming up with environmental policies that ensure people live and work in safe spaces. Environmental parties need to have their place in the public debate and more importantly in decision making of such issues.

The government that is democratically elected needs to serve all people and not exercise favor to those that voted their way only. You will find organizations springing up that focus on building the governance they wish to have through building networks and garnering support. The organizations are very vocal and will even endorse their preferred candidates in the primaries and fund campaigns. Having won the primaries it will be easier to have success at the nationals. The voters are the people to bring about the desired change, engaging with them on a regular basis will ensure that they feel relevant and take interests in the parts they have to play in the process.

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